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Maqui Berry is the revolutionary product which will become bigger than Acai Berry in the new couple of years.  Acai Berry has detox properties of around 1027 however Maqui Berries detox properties are over double at over 2500.
This product is the purest on the market containing a massive 1800 mg of pure maqui berry per serving. Using the latest technology Ultimate Maqui Berry have managed to sqeeze so much Pure ingredience into the product it is far better than drink alternatives.
 According to a research published in the Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry, Maqui berry scored better for TRAP and TAR when compared to red wine, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, and raspberry.


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The New Super-fruit Maqui Berry
Ultimate Maqui Berry


Maqui Berry Supercharge your Energy Levels

Maqui Berry Supercharge your Energy Levels

Do you ever wake up from slumber and still feel extremely tired? Your body seems to be weighed down by bricks and every action is laborious.

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, everything seems to be malfunctioning and out of sync. Welcome to what a major portion of the known world is going through.
The culprit i
 s industrialization and the fast pace of the technological age.

Modern day factors are simultaneously a blessing and a bane. They have improved many aspects of our lives, but they have also exposed us to menacing forces that threaten our
health and existence. These external factors leach our energy away. This is where the amazing Maqui berry can help us.

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The properties of this super food have aided the native dwellers of the area in Chile known as the Patagonian region for years. Recently, it has come under scrutiny from the rest of the world because of its astonishing characteristics.

The measurement of the
Maqui berry’s ORAC value, which is a test of the antioxidant strength of food, shows almost three times the number of its closest rival the Acai berry. The other common berry types and even the more unusual ones fall almost six degrees lower the Maqui’s ORAC rating

In Maqui berry’s so important?

Due to the increasing threat from injurious molecules and free radicals from the environment, our bodies are under siege.
Daily we are exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, breathe polluted air, eat food with
nitrites and nitrates added as preservatives, drink chemically enhanced water, among other things.

Maqui berry
intake can confer on its host strong protection from these deleterious substances through its antioxidant action. The Maqui’s antioxidants work overtime to contain free radicals and kill them. A detox process occurs as the body expels these toxins.

 When the systems are purified and cleansed through the
Maqui’s antioxidant properties, a general resurgence in functions and operations occur. The rejuvenation of the organs and cell parts signify a change for the better.

The body moves away from the
weight that dragged it down and starts performing at maximum levels. A startling upward shift in energy will be experienced by the individual. Metabolism speeds up resulting in weight loss and detoxification.
Remember the more the
toxins, stored fat, digestive detritus and pounds fall away, the higher the energy levels felt by the person will be.

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The Ultimate Maqui Berry Male (Testimonials)

Ultimate Maqui Berry
“You could say that in my youth I was a bit of a ‘party goer’. I used to go out drinking at least 3 nights a week and when I did I would easily drink 5-6 pints.

Now when I was young I was able to keep weight off pretty easily - which helped me to maintain this lifestyle. But as I have got older I have definitely developed a bit of beer gut, which no matter how hard I tried I have never been able to shift - until now.

I never put much thought into the health benefits of detox supplements until my doctor told me my blood cholesterol levels were too high, but after hearing about Ultimate Maqui Berry and trying it for the last 2 months, I am totally converted.

Not only did this supplement help to dramatically cut my cholesterol levels, but I have managed to lose 24lbs and I feel healthier than ever. I don’t remember the last time I had so much energy!

I’ll never doubt the credibility of detoxes ever again! Not after the impact Ultimate Maqui Berry has had on my health, my life and my overall sense of well being.”Michael Towers, 34 Michigan


“As an athlete, you would think I would be in peak condition, but every time the season ends I have a tendency to slack off, indulge in fatty foods and ultimately put on weight. Over the years, recovering from these ‘spouts’ has gotten harder, which is why I began trying detoxes.

However unlike other detoxes, with Ultimate Maqui Berry I have been able to experience an incredible difference in my metabolism. Within days of incorporating this supplement into my diet my energy levels tripled, I felt less tired and it was easier to say no to snacks as it helped to curb my appetite. One month later I have lost those excess lbs and I’m in the best shape of my life.

Getting back in shape has never been easier, and it’s completely down to Ultimate Maqui Berry’s support. I definitely plan to keep using this supplement over the next season.”
Ryan Hooper, 29, Los 
Ultimate Maqui Berry


Maqui Berry Pill are they Stimulate Weight Loss?

Weight loss issues and concerns create unending debate in our present society. People watch celebrities maintain dream silhouettes and are envious. Men and women obsess about a few added pounds and are quick to hop on the latest diet craze. The weight loss industry is a multimillion dollar business. Yet with all the products and services out there, we have to closely examine whether these actually produce results.

The Maqui berry was virtually anonymous in first world nations until now. Advertised as a breakthrough product that positively stimulates weight loss and detox, it is an electrifying find. The Maqui berry is sister to all the known berry types like the common strawberry or blueberry, the more unusual serviceberry or buffaloberry, and even the revered Acai berry. Among its relatives, it reigns as king with an antioxidant value that is more than thrice the potency of its closest rival the Acai berry. With the inordinate amount of antioxidants present, the Maqui berry has the power to purify the body of deleterious toxins and free radicals. This system detox helps clear metabolic pathways, thereby increasing the burning capacity of the body. Digestive processes undergo revitalization. The antioxidant power also liberates the intestines and colon of piled up stores of waste, detritus and fat. These actions of the Maqui berry will produce visible weight loss in a very short period of time.

The largest concentration of Maqui berry available is a pill with 1800 mg per helping. The Ultimate Maqui Berry’s goal is to pack all the goodness of this super fruit into one dynamic and effective pill supplement. You can also try Maqui juice, Maqui frozen pulp or Maqui powder concentrate. Obtain this from a certified company and you will get pure, undiluted and organically grown products. Do not purchase bogus or false Maqui goods, or you may not see the same gains to your health and weight loss struggles.

The Maqui berry is a gift
. In the quest for ways to improve our health, nature has bestowed on us a powerful tool. We have to learn to use it wisely. By harnessing the good qualities of the Maqui berry we can lose weight, feel cleansed, revitalize our energy stores and detox. It is a step towards a better and healthier way of life. The attainment of a general sense of well-being follows naturally from a state of physical purification.



The big Wonders of Maqui Berry and Maqui Juice

The Maqui berry can be served in many ways. If you are fortunate enough to be visiting Chile and can get hold of the fresh berry, eat a bunch and experience a revelation. For those who do not have this opportunity, you can obtain Maqui berry frozen pulp, pill supplements, powder concentrate or packaged juice. These products when obtained from creditable companies are absolutely delicious and contain a host of health benefits. 

The secret to packaging all the goodness nature bestowed on the Maqui berry is to harvest the berry and process it right away. It can then be transported and distributed to the world in organic and natural form. Particular care must be taken when sharing this super fruit to humanity. What are now commonly known as Acai scams started because dishonest individuals sold inferior products or lesser strength versions of what they promised. 

Like the Maqui berry, the Acai berry has remarkable properties. Formerly the champion super fruit with an ORAC or antioxidant strength of 16,700 per gram serving, the Acai berry generated much interest. Outdistancing other common berries, the Acai berry marketers extolled its ability to detox the body and induce weight loss. This may be well and true if the Acai berry products are of the proper potency and purity. However, when consumers do not get the expected results from substandard goods, then scandals begin to erupt.
To avoid disgruntlement, contract Maqui berry products from credible manufacturers. In order to preserve its off-the-scale ORAC value of 27,600 per gram serving, reputable companies ensure its freshness during processing and packaging. Maqui berry frozen pulp is vacuum-sealed immediately upon undergoing factory processing. The granulation procedures that convert the Maqui berry to powdered forms are controlled and monitored. The deep purple Maqui juice is bottled or boxed as soon as it is obtained. This tastes so good you will want more. The Ultimate Maqui Berry pill has the largest 1800 mg per serving dosage and has no other chemical enhancers. 

Maqui berry products that are unadulterated will provide fantastic health gains. Its antioxidant properties will safely and automatically help the body detox and rid itself of toxic free radicals. Without these harmful encumbrances, the body starts to feel stronger. The cells and organs are energized. Medical problems that were caused by free radicals and scavengers diminish or disappear. Even weight loss is evident as the physiological systems cleanse itself of stored fat and waste.



The Root, Source and Action of the Maqui Berry

The Mapuche Indians are a tribal group of indefatigable warriors that exhibit great strength and endurance. Indigenous to Chile, they were called Araucanians by the Spaniards and have since expanded to other regions, most notably the Patagonian area of Chile. An examination of their lifestyle and diet points toward the Maqui berry as the secret behind their staying power.

The purple colored Maqui berry has its source and roots in the lands of Chile. Grown and gathered by the original Mapuche Indians and adopted by the more recent local inhabitants of that area, the  Maqui berries have shown sensational properties in aiding the detox process and defending the body through the action of its antioxidant capabilities. Used for years to address many types of sickness, disease and ills by traditional dwellers, the Maqui berries is now gaining popularity in the West. 

Researchers and scientists are now scrambling to unravel the mysteries of these magic Maqui berries. Mother Nature accorded the unassuming Maqui berry with innate superpowers. Its fruit is permeated with anthocyanins and flavonoids that render them impervious to outside threat from the sun, the air and injurious chemicals. The same defensive action is bestowed on human beings who regularly consume Maqui berries.
The more popular Acai berry affects physiological systems in the same manner as the Maqui berries. However, the Maqui berry’s superior composition of antioxidant properties make this fruit the undisputed winner in comparison to the Acai berry. With more than thrice the antioxidant value as measured through the ORAC test, the Maqui berry is a cut above the Acai berry and the rest of the berry categories.
What actually happens is that the mighty Maqui berry can stand up against scavengers, marauders and toxins that seek to cause destruction to our bodies. These risky molecules can wreak havoc on our skin, our cardiovascular processes, our immune system and our bones and joints. In truth, they can weaken and compromise practically all parts of the body. The result is an impaired and diminished physiological system.
With the help of the Maqui berry’s antioxidant abilities, these toxic substances are killed, expelled or counterbalanced. As its effects are nullified and negated, the cells and organs undergo a transformation. Metabolism is restored to optimum capacity, energy stores hike up, detox occurs automatically and weight loss results are seen. Many ailments disappear. The body feels healthier and more able to defend itself from outside forces.



The Magic Maqui Berry: An Antioxidant above the Rest

We often complain about a myriad aches and pains. Our bodies are sluggish, slow and fatigued. Our skin lacks a glow and looks old. We’ve put on kilos, feel bloated, and have digestive problems. We sometimes remember with longing our yesteryears as children, when we seemed to have unbridled energy, rosy cheeks and radiant skin. If a magic potion could bring all that back, we would all willingly welcome it.

Well we need look no further than at the purple-colored Maqui berry. Discovered in Chile being regularly consumed by the locals who exhibited very healthy characteristics considering they were without the organized health care afforded more sophisticated nations, the Maqui berry is a brilliant antioxidant. Its properties far outweighed the number values of the regular berry types and the lesser known varieties.

The common strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry and cranberry rank almost 2-8 times lower in antioxidant properties when measured against the Maqui berry. Conversely, compared to the more unusual chokeberry, serviceberry, buffaloberry, bilberry, boysenberry. elderberry, loganberry lingonberry or cloudberry, the Maqui berry demonstrates greater capacity to detox the body of injurious free radicals. The Maqui berry even outdoes the fabled Acai berry in stimulating the detox process and producing weight loss results.
The reason the Maqui berry is head and shoulders above all the rest is its high antioxidant properties. Harmful molecules from our surroundings and from the dangers of modern living are producing large amounts of free radicals that invade our bodies. They work to destroy our cells. Without the neutralizing effects of antioxidants, we would fall under the force of these dangerous invaders. Enter the powerful Maqui berry to aid in our fight against these negative forces.
With ORAC, TRAP and TAR ratings that are off-the-charts, the Maqui berry has never before been experienced by the world. Tested by food and drug administrations, ORAC ranks the antioxidant capacity of all food. TRAP rates ability to catch total free radicals. TAR figures indicate absolute antioxidant reactivity. If you are interested in perusing the empirical data, you will be astonished. For a lay person, the simplest explanation is this: the Maqui berry is the best antioxidant the planet has seen because it has real numbers supporting its contentions. It can rid the body of waste and toxins, cleanse the systems and restore the body’s equilibrium. The result is a general detox and even weight loss. Truly, this berry can be called THE MAGIC MAQUI BERRY.